Coffee Table Book Printing

Coffee Table Book Printing

Custom hardcover book printing Our company has many years of experiences in custom hardcover book printing, high quality and reasonable price. Hardcover is a book binding technology. It has two forms: round ridge and square ridge. Hardcover books are mainly processed in various forms on the...

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Coffee table book printing

       Coffee table book is a large hardcover book. It is named because it is often placed on the coffee table for people to read. The content of such books is generally based on pictures or a small amount of text, easy to understand, can be used for casual reading while drinking coffee, and can also provide materials and topics for people to talk. Many cafes now prepare such books for people to read.
       Coffee table books generally use coated paper and are printed using four-color printing technology. Through this printing method, the picture is beautiful and the color is bright, giving a good enjoyment.

Quick details

Product Material:

& Paperboard

Paper Type:

Art Paper, Cardboard, Coated Paper, Offset paper, wood free paper

Product Type:

Custom hardcover book printing


Perfect Binding


Hardcover book printing

Surface Finish:

Film Lamination

Printing Type:

Offset Printing


CMYK color & Panton


Custom size







Place of Origin:

Qingdao, China





Monochrome printing refers to using of one-page printing, which can be black printing, color printing, or spot color printing. Spot  color printing refers to a special color required for special  modulation design as a base color, which is completed by one printing.
"special color printing" is also called "point color printing". A  lithographic method for achieving full color reproduction by using three primary colors of red, green, and blue and black colorants (ink or dye) according to the principle of subtractive color mixing.
It  also refers to the lithographic method of realizing map copying by using four inks of black, medium blue, brown and green. It is a printing method commonly used in large-scale topographic maps in China, and has a  uniform color code. The color of each element is defined  as: the ground object, the figure decoration and the note black; the  water end line, the single line river and its annotation with blue, the  water part of the general dyed part with 100 lines / inch 15% of the  medium blue dot Contour lines and special geomorphological  symbols and their annotations, brown for interior dyeing on roads; 100  lines/inch green network lines or outlets for forest general dyeing.


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