Full Color Hardcover Book Printing

Full Color Hardcover Book Printing

Full color hardcover book is printed by four-color printing technology,perfect binding and hard cover processing. Full-color hardcover books are often albums or or high-end albums to commemorate or cherish some important pictures which require book with a high color. It is usually a limited...

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Full color hardcover book printing mainly uses the printing CYMK color mode, which is a color registration mode used in color printing. As long as the image is seen on the printed matter, it is expressed in CMYK mode. For example, journals, magazines, newspapers, posters, etc. are all printed. They can print color images on any color (including white) substrates, and can adjust the color of the image. The color is good, the printed pattern is beautiful, peculiar, and the organization is evenly arranged, thus forming a visually complete image with varying levels of light and dark. Perfect for binding, hard cover processing, full color hardcover book is usually used for limited edition books or commemorative or collective editions sold by publishers. 

CMYK Printing:

CMYK is a reflective color mode that is illuminated by sunlight or light into a newspaper and then reflected into our eyes to see the content. In the printing, usually thousands of other colors can be reproduced by these four colors, these four standard colors are: 

C: Cyan, also known as "sky blue" or "blue"; M: Magenta; Y: Yellow; K: Black, because printing is used in black. It can also refer to the key, which is used for printing device calibration.



As per customer's requirements

Paper type

Depends on your products need, like the woodfree paper, artpaper, kraft paper, paper cardboard, fancy paper

Surface Finishing

Glossy/Matte Lamination, High Gloss UV varnish, UV coating, Aqueous varnishing, Foil hot stamping, Embossing or Debossing


Hard cover

Perfect binding

Saddle stitching

Spiral binding


500 pcs


Seaworthy cartons or customized

Delivery terms



100% inspection cargos before delivery

Payment terms

L/C,D/P, T/T,Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

Quote requirement

It will be great that you provides us PDF file or sample for our reference.


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