Perfect Bound Book Printing

Perfect Bound Book Printing

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     Perfect Bound Book is a book binding method with a protective hard bottom cover (commonly made of cardboard and covered with leather such as fabric, thick paper or calfskin). Books in mainland China are generally paperback books, but the paperback books are not suitable for preservation. Hardcover books are beautiful, easy-to-save books with high collection value, so book collectors and libraries like hardcover books.


Perfect Bound Book Making Process

Section  1 Plate making

Plate making is the production of printing plates, the bottom plate. The plate making is divided into woodcut, stone, movable type, screen, electroplated, photo, plastic, rubber, light, electronic, color laser phototypesetting system and so on.

Electronic color separation plate is based on the principle of photoelectric conversion.

The electronic desktop system goes one step further. It only needs to scan the picture with color scanners.

Section  2 Imposition

Imposition is to put the original into a complete layout according to certain formats and requirements.

Imposition is divided into two spellings:

Rotary imposition means that the same printing plate can be printed on both sides of the same sheet before and after it is printed, and it will become the same two printed products after it is cut in the future;

Offset printing is to use two plates before and after the same sheet of paper.

Section 3 Folding

The printed sheet is folded according to the opening number and called the folding sheet. The folding sheet is the simplest procedure in the printing process. The folded page is called "folding" and the folding mark is called "folding mark".

The earliest folding form is folded.

Section 4 Printing

Printing is to make printed matter according to text or picture manuscript.

There are four types of printing: letterpress, gravure, lithography, and screen. Since the print version is different, the effect is different.

Lithography is divided into lithography, serigraphy, offset and other methods.

There are many types of offset presses. There are monochrome, two-color, and four-color offset presses, depending on the printing color. There are also two-sided printing.

Section 5 Proofreading

Proofreading is a necessary part of the book publishing process. The requirement is to check proofs according to the original or the original version, eliminate errors and inaccuracies in the typesetting, and correct the problems in the layout technology and format implementation process according to the publication specifications and requirements. The standardization ensures the quality of publications.

Proofreading usually requires at least three schoolings. The last proof-correcting proof is called "clear proofing", also called "pay imprinting proof" or "paying proof (paper proof)".

For the proofreading of art design, it is mainly to correct "color samples".

Section 6 Binding

According to the staple order, it can be divided into flat, saddle-stitched, sewing-lined, rubber-bonded, etc. Nowadays, the thicker books are generally used in the sewing machine. There are two kinds of book shells, namely the book shell and the ingredient book. Shell. Paperback books are also made of plastic lamination. Hardcover books also have a cover stamping process.

Section 7 Paper Materials

Paper material is the material form of books. Printing paper is divided into news paper, book paper, cover paper, coin paper, wrapping paper, etc. according to the purpose; according to printing requirements, it is divided into letterpress paper, gravure paper, offset paper, etc.; There are two kinds of web and paper.

The actual common paper is as follows:

1. Newsprint: commonly known as "white newspaper", mainly used to print newspapers, publications and books. Newsprint paper has smooth surface, soft texture, strong ink absorption, fast drying, certain mechanical strength, and clear printed graphics.

2. Offset paper: called "Dao Lin paper", English transliteration (dowling), the texture is solid and white, because it is suitable for the offset printing multiple times of color, for book printing.

3. Copper paper: A kind of processing paper coated with white paint on paper. The paper is light and clean, and is used for printing inserts, covers, albums, etc.

4. Cardboard: Also known as "grass paper", it is often used to make hardcover book covers, linings, book letters, book cases, etc., and the industrial sector also uses packaging mater.

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