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Increased brightness, strong three-dimensional effect
May 28, 2018

Nowadays, due to the widespread use of composite paper materials for wine packaging materials and printing with common inks, there are problems such as poor adhesion, friction resistance, and poor drying. Therefore, manufacturers generally carry out Uv technological transformation of offset presses, fundamentally solving the problems of composite paper prints. As Uv inks have greatly improved the physical properties of the ink surface, some packaging and printing companies have begun to use offset UV inks to print fine sand, gold, silver and other ordinary offset printing is difficult to achieve.

Due to high saturation, high contrast, high brightness, strong consistency, and high printing resistance, the gravure printing is another optional method for wine packaging printing. If the art design draft is large in the field and the ink color is thick, the ordinary offset printing is slightly insufficient, and the gravure printing method can meet the demand. Another advantage of gravure printing is that it can print other substrates than paper, such as printing on a laser anti-counterfeiting film, and then combining with cardboard to achieve another visual effect.

Due to the fact that gravure wine packaging is mostly based on field, color blocks and lines, the requirements for color management in plate making are relatively inflexible, and the control of the printing process is relatively easy compared to offset printing and flexographic printing.

Silk screen printing of frosted, refraction, ice, wrinkles and other artistic effects make wine box packaging icing on the cake, which greatly stimulated consumers' desire to purchase. In addition, because the brightness of the product is increased after the partial polishing with the screen uV, the three-dimensional effect is strong, and it is often used in the finishing of the wine packaging box. Flexographic printing is currently rarely used in the printing of wine packaging boxes, and some beer labels use this type of printing. Believe that its environmental protection and health advantages, will gradually be recognized and favored by the winery.

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