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Items with specific forms and certain uses
May 28, 2018

Paper cans are the most important factor in the marketing mix. Any company's marketing activities are always started by determining what paper cans are provided to the target market, and then it will involve decisions on pricing, promotion, and distribution. Therefore, paper cans strategy is the basis of marketing mix strategy. The traditional market concept believes that paper cans refer to articles that have a specific form and a certain use. This concept reflects the narrow concept of paper cans, that is, paper cans only refer to tangible items. Modern marketing, on the other hand, has a broad understanding of the concept of paper cans. It is anything provided to the market that meets people's needs, including tangible goods and intangible services. This broad concept of paper cans has two characteristics: First, it is not the paper cans that have physical entities, and the labor services that can satisfy people's certain needs are paper cans. Such as transportation, storage services, installation and repair services, consulting, insurance, financial services and so on. Secondly, for industrial enterprises, their paper cans are not only entities with a certain shape and purpose, but also services provided when they are sold with real objects.

Although China's paper tube production technology has made great progress compared with the previous two years, Japan, and other countries have advanced equipment such as paper tube machines, precision cutting machines, and spiral paper tube machines, compared to us. There is still a huge gap. In order to achieve greater progress in this area, updating is the key. The way to upgrade is to replace local zeros, components or critical components and key technologies, so as to achieve the purpose of replacing a unit, so that the original packaging machinery and equipment The production capacity, performance, efficiency, model and assembly methods of the production line have been updated.

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