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Lightweight, easy to carry, and beautifully printed
May 28, 2018

Hard paper packaging box is a kind of packaging box, because its material is named after the cardboard with higher hardness. Generally, the hard paper packaging box is made of corrugated paper, white board paper, kraft paper and other paper materials with high hardness and high strength.

The advantage of the cardboard box is that it is light in weight, easy to carry, low in cost, and exquisite in printing, and can be attractive to customers. Hard paper box is mainly used for food industry packaging, such as wine boxes, tea boxes, moon cake boxes, food boxes, etc.

The cardboard box is a kind of packaging box, which is characterized by high hardness, and is generally made of paper materials such as corrugated cardboard, whiteboard paper, and kraft paper, which have high hardness and high strength.

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