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Packaging design and creativity are inseparable from the improvement of process technology
May 28, 2018

Packaging and printing want to win the favor of consumers in the market, creativity is essential, Hefei's creative packaging printing box has been recognized by the market, mainly to seize the consumer's psychology.

Today's consumers are very concerned about environmental protection, production companies also need to reflect the environmental protection of the product packaging printing, neat packaging and printing and simple design fonts can make consumers think of environmental protection. However, no matter how the packaging printing and packaging design and creativity are inseparable from the improvement of process technology. Nowadays, technological innovation in the packaging and printing industry has generated immeasurable power. Heinz Group and Qiang Brewery Company are striving to pass positive energy to consumers on product packaging printing and packaging design, and display soft light when opening box prints. Although the current process of packaging and printing industry adopts new technologies, there are still unrealizable links. For example, it is difficult to distinguish between product packaging prints sold in an online store, and it is always difficult for a courier to distinguish between parcels when they are shipped. If the production company can distinguish the printed goods sold from the printed ones of other e-commerce vendors, the results will be very different.

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