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Printing is a comprehensive application
May 28, 2018

There are new things in the world, old ones, big ones, small ones, new ones that are old ones, and big ones that have grown up since childhood. Some people think that in the past there was no "small printing". In fact, if we compare the "big universe," "small universe," "great history," and "little history," and "macroeconomics," and "microeconomics," and other terms, then "big printing" should not be seen as unconventional. " The difference between "big" and "small" is just like "macro" and "micro", which means that the range of observations is different between "big" and "small". Printing is a comprehensive applied discipline, where disciplines intersect, disciplines and disciplines overlap each other, and more and more parts affect each other. All things should be viewed from the overall perspective and grasp the big picture. The direction, the principle, and the creation of a big pattern can only solve problems. Just like “macro-control” rejuvenates the economy, “big printing” is an important concept for rejuvenating the printing industry. The reason is that before the term “big printing” emerged, ordinary people The scope of printing is defined to be relatively small. For example, the history of printing refers only to the history of printing, and the printing industry only pays attention to the publication of books and paper for printing.

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