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The texture of the paper is also very good, is your first choice for custom
May 28, 2018

White cardboard: The white cardboard is firm and thick, with high stiffness, bursting resistance and smoothness. The paper surface is smooth. The commonly used thickness is 210-300 grams of white paperboard, and the most used is 230 white cards. Paper bags printed out with white cardboard, full color, paper texture is also very good, is your first choice for custom.

Copperplate paper: The characteristics of coated paper are that the paper surface is very smooth and smooth, with high whiteness, high smoothness and good gloss. It also makes the printed images and images have a three-dimensional effect. The commonly used thickness is 128g-300g, and copperplate paper. The printing effect is the same as the white cardboard, and the color is full and bright. Compared with the white cardboard, the stiffness is less than the white cardboard.

White kraft paper: white kraft paper has high bursting resistance, good toughness, high strength, and stable thickness and color image stability. According to relevant state regulations, supermarkets restrict the use of plastic bags, and foreign countries, Europe and the United States and other countries advocate the trend of using environmentally friendly paper bags, and strictly control plastics. Pollution, plastic bags will be replaced by green paper bags, and the prospects for the white kraft paper market are promising. Made of 100% pure wood pulp, it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It can be recycled for environmental protection. The white kraft paper has good toughness and does not need to be coated. It is widely used in the production of eco-friendly garment bags, high-end shopping bags and so on. Commonly used thickness of 120 grams -200 grams of white kraft paper, paper, no brightness and gloss, white kraft paper is not suitable for printing ink too much content.

Kraft paper: also known as natural kraft paper. High tensile strength, high toughness, usually brownish yellow, high tear strength, cracking and dynamic strength, widely used in shopping bags, envelopes and so on. Commonly used thickness of 120 grams -300 grams of natural kraft paper. Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing monochromatic or bi-colored and uncomplicated manuscripts. Compared to white cardboard and white kraft coated paper, yellow kraft paper has the lowest price.

According to the bag edge, the bottom and back cover are different: there are four types of paper bags, such as open-slot bottom bag, open-bonded bottom bag, valve-type suture bag, valve-type flat hexagonal end-bottom adhesive bag.

In accordance with the different handle and hole digging: NKK (perforated threading), NAK (no hole with rope, is divided into no mouth folding and standard koukou type), DCK (cordless bag body digging hole handle), BBK (with The tongue is not punched).

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