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Various methods and forms of processing
May 28, 2018

Hardcover book printing refers to an exquisite method of making books. Hardcover book printed books are mainly made on the cover of the book and the back and corners of the book block. Processing methods and forms are various. For example, book block processing has round backs (ridges or ridges), square backs, square corners, and rounded corners; cover processing is divided into whole surfaces, joints, square corners, and hot foils. , pressing patterns, etc.

1 point version, especially foreign-funded factories printing the same version of a number of books, no mixed version, leaving intentions text, signs and so on.

2 The front and back sides are printed without any misprints. The front and back sides are printed on the right side, and overprinting is accurate. The error is ≤ 0.2mm.

3 printing hue in full compliance with the guests to provide color draft? Use Germany R410 hue density instrument, the main picture color difference in the range of ± 3%.

4 Printed on the front and back, clipped and clipped.

5 text, pattern clear, glossy layered sense.

6 outlets are full, 5% fine nets are not lost, large points are smooth and clean, outlets increase ≤10%.

7 There are no ink bars, water bars, ink skins, dislodging words, pastes, etc.

8 No dirt, focus, ghosting, copying, flying water, scratching, flying ink, deinking, etc.

9 There is no extra corner line film mark, the layout is clean without stains, no traces of powder, etc.

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