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Wear resistant, waterproof and moisture resistant
May 28, 2018

Industrial cardboard is the main raw material for the production of corrugated boxes, cartons, and other products. How does its performance directly or indirectly affect the inherent quality and performance of products? For corrugated boxes, cartons and other packaging products, it has wear-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof properties, and has high strength and good airtightness. It is the basic quality requirement for the use of cardboard.

The application of hot platens is relatively narrow, and the payback period is long, and it is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, the application of gray cardboard will usher in unprecedented market opportunities as the demand for social development increases. However, this kind of cardboard has not formed a market resonance in the industry. Whoever does it, who sells it, and has not yet defined the quality standards, is conceptually only embryonic. In recent years, coupled with the impact of the international environment, US-waste (refers to the recycling of waste paper in the United States), European waste, and daily waste, China's export prices are not equal enough, while national waste is basically operating in the area of small business hawkers; This has led to price instability, inhomogeneous quality and other issues. The fluctuations in prices have caused the quantity of raw materials to change, causing too great a deviation in quality. When the price is low, the quality is better. When the price is high, the quality of doped sawdust decreases. Therefore, the scale is the main reason. There are still a few large-scale board and paper board compound factories in China. The reason is that the waste paper is not worn out but it has not yet been worn out. Used in place.

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