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Do Daily Maintenance And Careful Operation
May 28, 2018

Hardcover books are the most complex and elegant programs in all types of binding. When processing, it is divided into two parts, the cover and the inner page. It needs more tough paper. In order to better protect the inner pages, the cover will use thicker cardboard, which can avoid tearing and creases. The materials are complex and diversified. Commonly used fabrics, artificial leather, leather, hot stamping, screen printing, dents, special papers, etc. Material design. The binding is solid and firm, and the decoration is beautiful, which is conducive to long-term collection and preservation. The classic works, exquisite book albums and frequently read books are all hardcovered. Some hardcover books use thin paper to make the cover, so they are called soft leather or fake hardcover.

If parts of the printing plate are found to have thin lines, uneven dots, or dot problems within a circle after finishing printing on the machine or printing on the machine, it is likely that there is dust and residue on the surface of the plate cylinder. Degumming is very serious, and residual particles are left behind on the surface of the drum. As a result, the flexographic printing plate cannot be fully attached to the roller, and there is a quality problem in the place where the foreign particle is printed on the plate.

This problem arises from the fact that routine maintenance is not in place and there are problems with the operating habits of plate-making workers. First, the drum should be wiped regularly, and the surface of the drum and the back of the plate should be wiped with a clean, lint-free, or non-silk cloth, or a neutral detergent.

In addition, when cutting flexographic plates, make sure that there are no foreign particles on the cutting table to prevent impurities from sticking to the back of the plate. In short, the daily maintenance and careful operation can avoid these problems.

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