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Packaging And Printing Technology Innovation And Development
May 28, 2018

Compared with cigarette labels, wine packaging has some obvious features. There are many kinds of wine and there are many grades. Overall, the difficulty of printing wine packaging is not as complex as cigarette labelling. Printing and offset printing are the main types of post-processing. Gravure printing and screen printing are complementary methods. The following is an analysis of the innovation and development of alcohol packaging and printing technology.

People in the industry believe that liquor packaging printing is still based on offset printing, and printing colors are mainly four-color and spot colors. Labels for wine packaging are generally printed on coated paper, such as high-grade coated paper with basis weights of 80 g/m2 and 128 g/m2. The printing of wine boxes was based on white cardboard and white cardboard with a basis weight of 350 g/m2.

Liquor packaging printing is traditionally based on offset printing, using thick-paper multi-color offset printing presses, such as Heidelberg multi-color offset printing press, beautifully printed, fast, capable of printing 0.6-1.0mm thick paper, speed can reach 1.5 10,000 sheets/hour, printing wine box is extremely suitable.

Offset printing is a more mature printing process, especially on screen printing, and there is a set of standardized and data-based methods. However, wine packaging printing involves a large number of spot color reproductions in addition to halftone printing, such as large-area red solids, gold (silver) colors, and pearlescent effects. Because spot colors, especially spot colors, have high requirements for saturation and brightness, offset printing is limited by the thickness of the ink layer when it is printed on the ground. At this point, the “first deep and shallow” printing method can be adopted. When designing, avoid boring texts on the field version to avoid increasing the difficulty of overprinting.

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