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Quality Standards And Industry Standards
May 28, 2018

The quality of printed books and magazines directly reflects the overall level of printing and related industries in a country.

In order to really improve the quality of the printing and printing of Chinese books and periodicals, it is not enough for which department to work hard. The need to publish administrative departments, publishing departments, printing companies and related printing equipment and equipment industry to catch up and co-management, each responsible for their work together to be effective. Specifically, in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" development plan of the printing industry, the government departments must have clear requirements and a series of powerful measures to achieve the goals of the quality of printing and printing of books and periodicals. It is imperative to solve the problems related to testing centers. Qualification issues, only such testing centers can confidently regulate the quality of printed products throughout the country. In addition, the enthusiasm of the National Standardization Technical Committee for Printing shall be fully mobilized. In accordance with international standards, international standards shall be more or more equivalently adopted. The foreign advanced standards shall establish the national and industrial standards for the quality of Chinese printing products; Different levels of different types of quality management talents.

In the past, the people’s customary view of printing was called “small printing concept” or “traditional printing concept” to distinguish the newly created “big printing concept” with different names and meanings. This is a product of objective changes and progress. The “big printing concept” is a new concept that breaks through the narrow tradition of traditional printing concepts. Without traditional printing concepts, there is no “great printing concept.” Both are antagonistic and unified.

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