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Resolvable, Digitized, Configurable
May 28, 2018

How to match the colors in printing? Shenzhen printing experts tell you about some color matching knowledge. Everyone knows that the understanding of color is mostly emotional, unknowable, and mysterious, and the software of computers transforms the colors into absolutely distinguishable, digital, and configurable. Of course, the feeling of color also needs long-term training to achieve a degree of specialization, that is, the ability to grasp the laws of color.

In theory, the computer's color deployment should be absolutely accurate, but in practice, the results of each software, screen display, and different printers are not the same, and we still need to try. The color of the "palette" displayed on the screen must not be confined. The display range of light and color is not coincidence, and the result of printing must be seen and adjusted.

Regardless of whether the color has physical properties or the physiological meaning of the color phenomenon, the color has no destined emotional content, but the color is presented before us and can always cause physiological and psychological activities. Our habits, associations, and aesthetic attitudes put color on the veil of feelings, and this led to the symbolism of color and the likes and dislikes of different colors. The emotional symbolic meaning of color is based on this foundation. At festivals and other festive occasions, people always use joyful, lively and bright colors to add joy; when they are sad and distressed, they always use black, white, yellow and other monotonous, simple and solemn colors to enhance their sense of solemnity. Traditional Chinese Peking opera facial expressions: Red means loyalty, Yellow means dry tempering, White means treacherous, Black means blunt, Green means vicious, Blue means outstanding, Purple means loyalty, Gold and silver means super special, and it uses color and symbolism. Clear and affirmative. The symbolic meaning of color is formed by people's long-term knowledge and use of color's accumulated experiences and habits. It can be experienced by anyone with normal vision and ordinary common sense. The same is white, meaning cleanliness in the hospital, and nothing in the palette or in the paint shop. This shows that the existence of color and emotion symbolism is not absolute. It is conditional on a specific environment, or a picture, or a form in design. It is usually ambiguous, and its certainty must also depend on a specific environment. Due to differences in the natural environment and traditional customs, there are often significant differences in the likes and dislikes of people living in different countries and regions.

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