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The Print Is Very Full And Has A Strong Three-dimensional Effect
May 28, 2018

What are the printing technologies?

Printing technology can be roughly divided into the following types:

1. The method of copying graphic and media (paper, plastic, various utensils, etc.) to print (multiple times) is called printing.

2, printing technology includes: rubbing, mimeograph, silk screen, letterpress printing (lead printing), lithography (offset printing), pad printing, gravure printing

3, rubbing (for example, printed from the stele on the inscription)

4, mimeograph (wax paper stereotypes printing)

5, screen printing (screen printing)

6, letterpress printing (traditional type printing, also known as movable type printing, because toxic, has been eliminated)

7, lithography (the current mainstream printing methods, is the use of water and oil incompatible principle of the design of lithographic printing technology, printing plate of the graphic part and non-graphical parts almost no height difference, just the graphic part of the printing plate Lipophilic is not hydrophilic, non-graphical part is not hydrophilic)

8, gravure printing (open steel plate cylinder engraving deeper picture pit, when printing, use the scraper to hang the residual ink, but can not afford to hang off the ink inside the graphic pit, so the picture inside the pit The ink will be transferred to the media. Such a print is very full and has a strong three-dimensional effect.)

9. After printing with lithography, there is a computer typesetting printing

10. Pad printing (an extension technology for lithography. Pad printing can print graphics to surfaces such as machine parts, such as printed graphics on camera housings)

11, more common copy (copier) can also be regarded as a printing method

12, more cutting-edge technology: holographic laser printing

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