Large White Gift Boxes with Lids

Large White Gift Boxes with Lids

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Large White Gift Boxes with Lids

Large White Gift Boxes with Lids are made with high quality white card paper. It can be printed with logo or beautiful patterns by various printing methods. A variety of surface treatment methods are available to protect the color, make it waterproof and improve the brightness of the product. It can be used for gift packaging. The shape and size can be customized.

Quick details

Product Material:

Paper or paper board

Paper Type:

white card paper

Product Type:

white cardboard gift box


Recyclable, durable


AI,PDF, CDR, resolution more than 300dpi

Surface Finish:

Embossing,Glossy/Matt Lamination, Hot-Stamping, UV Coating,

Printing Type:

Offset Printing


CMYK color
     & Panton


Customized size accepted







Place of Origin:

Qingdao, China




Display, beverage, gift



Glossy / matt lamination

The laminating process is the use of a laminator after printing to cover the surface of the printed product with a plastic film. According to the different materials of the film, it can be divided into two types: glossy lamination and matt lamination. After the film is printed, the surface will be smoother, brighter, stain-resistant, water-resistant and wear-resistant.

Hot stamping

At present, the hot stamping method of the color box packaging box is to use electro-aluminized hot stamping foil to transfer the text of the copy box by heating and pressing to the surface of the printed printing package paper. The color can be gold, silver, green or blue. Hot stamped pattern is clear, beautiful, colorful, and wearable. In the printing of cigarette packs, the application of hot foil stamping accounted for more than 85%, and in commercial packaging production, it has also been widely used. It is particularly used in trademarks, logos, and company names that require special highlights.

UV varnishing

UV varnishing is a post-printing process that uses ultraviolet light to dry and cure inks. It needs UV inks containing photosensitizers and UV curing lamps. The UV process transfers the pattern and text to the surface of the UV-printed packaging paper, making it bright and special. It is especially used for local printing sites such as trademarks, logos and company names.

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