Folding Gift Boxes

  • Folding Christmas Gift Box

    Folding Christmas gift box is a custom gift box specially designed for Christmas. It can be conveniently folded, convenient to carry, convenient for distribution and transportation. Whether merchants sell gift boxes with merchandise, or schools, companies, various public...
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  • Collapsible Gift Box With Lid

    Collapsible gift box with lid has been improved and balanced both in aesthetics and functionality. These boxes are generally square and round, with triangular and five corners. We decorate the lid with exquisite bows, ribbons and other three-dimensional patterns, so that the...
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  • Collapsible Gift Box Black Glossy

    Our collapsible gift box black glossy is designed and manufactured according to these characteristics. We use the most prominent texture and taste of the black, surface bright treatment, so that the surface of the gift box is smooth and glossy, giving people a sense of...
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  • Foldable Gift Boxes With Ribbon

    Foldable gift boxes with ribbon is the perfect combination of paper box and ribbon. We choose high quality paper and customize various shapes and sizes of boxes according to customers' needs. It can print fine patterns on the logo or corporate culture for advertising...
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  • Printable Foldable Gift Boxes

    The gift box is a practical gift package equipped with the gift of relatives and friends for the main purpose, and is an extension of the social needs of a functional method of packaging.
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  • Magnetic Folding Gift Boxes

    The beautiful outer packaging can highlight the beauty and value of the product. When the gift is packed by fine mounted gift box, it looks high level and more sincere. But there is one disadvantage for traditional gift box, once it is molded to finished box, it can...
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