Paper Canister

  • Kraft Paper Canister Packaging

    Kraft paper canister packing is mainly made of kraft paper. Kraft paper canister has many advantages, such as excellent toughness and protective performance, better waterproofness than other papers, and heat insulation . This makes the resulting Kraft paper canister have many...
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  • Paper Tea Canister

    Paper tea canister is to use these advantages, will be rich in connotations of pictures and text, through different color matching, better reflect the attributes of goods, give people a deep impression. To meet the psychological needs of various consumers and meet the needs...
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  • Paper Tea Canister Packaging

    Paper canister packaging is made of paper as the main raw material, so it is easy to recycle and treat; it has excellent protection performance, waterproof, moisture proof, certain heat insulation effect; odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, especially suitable for food...
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  • Paper Canister Packaging

    Canister packaging is used in a wide range of applications, the most common being coffee and tea and red wine. However, the traditional canister is mainly made of iron or wood, which causes high packaging cost and is more troublesome to recycle. Paper canister packaging is...
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  • Paper Food Canister

    It made by us not only meet the requirements of food safety, dust proof and waterproof, but also meet the aesthetic requirements of the people. The outer packing is also very exquisite, which can be used as a high-grade gift...
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  • Wine Paper Canister

    Good packaging is an important part of product, and an effective tool of sales promotion. A beautiful red wine paper canister can greatly improve the sales of red wine, help to boost its publicity of brand and occupy the market. The packaging design of paper wine canister is...
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