Paper Gift Bags

  • Paper Gift Bag Black

    Gift bag is a kind of packaging, which refers to the bag for putting and packing gifts. Nowadays, people can see the use of gift bags everywhere. A beautiful gift bag can better display your gifts. With the changing lifestyle, consumers' demands for paper gift bag are...
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  • Paper Gift Bag In Bulk

    We can wholesale paper gift bag in bulk. Our factory has experienced production technicians and they have more than 20 years' experience. We have strict technical guidance and requirements for the quality control, color modulation, pattern printing and paper cutting of...
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  • Luxury Gift Paper Bag

    The application of Paper bag is very common and spread all over the world. All cities and industries need paper bag. From food, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, to electronic digital, home decoration, office stationery, but anything that can be used as gift products, we need to...
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  • Gift Paper Bags With Handles

    Gift paper bags is not only beautiful, but also practical and portable. So, most gift bag has handles. There are many kinds of Handle materials, and the most common ones in traditional handbags are ribbons and nylon ropes. Hemp rope and metal are also better handle materials....
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  • A4 Paper Gift Bag

    Paper gift bags have many sizes. When we design bags, we usually consider the size of the goods first, and then determine the size of the bags. But there are some products whose sizes can not be fixed or irregular. We also consider the beauty and cost to make the...
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  • Brown Paper Gift Bags Large

    Large gift bags is usually used for gift wrapping or shopping bags during festivals. Because of its large volume, it can hold many kinds of articles and is convenient and practical. As far as gift bag is concerned, we must pay attention to environmental protection, beautiful...
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  • Love Gift Paper Bag

    How many steps does a paper bag take to reach us? Do you know how to make it? Today, karmay printing takes you to understand the production process of paper gift bag from the aspects of paper selection, design, printing and shaping.
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  • Rose Gold Paper Gift Bag

    Rose gold paper gift bag, as the name implies, is the rose golden bags. Traditional bags are mainly black and white. Later, in order to achieve a variety of color effects, people mixed a variety of new colors, rose gold is a very popular color in recent years. Rose gold was...
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  • Paper Gift Bags Christmas

    Traditionally, at Christmas, children hang socks at the bedside or by the stove, hoping to wake up with a gift from Santa Claus. When children grow up, they will find that these gifts are only given to children by their parents disguised as Santa Claus. They are based on...
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  • Paper Gift Bags Custom Printed

    Our company Qingdao karmay printing is a professional manufacturer of paper bags. We mainly engage in the production and wholesale sales of paper gift bags and commercial bags. Paper bags production process includes: design - finalization - publishing - printing - film...
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  • Gift Paper Carry Bag

    Gift boxes and bags is the embodiment of the mind, whether we make the gift by ourself, or buy goods, all exceptions must be one can reflect the effect of packaging, or romantic, or mysterious, or surprise or shock, when the person who receive the gift, slowly open it, you...
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  • Paper Gift Bag Bulk

    The paper bag is a container made of coated paper or kraft paper. Because it is environmentally friendly ,replaces the original plastic bag, it is widely used in shopping, gifts and promotional items.paper bags as gift bags, because of exquisite workmanship, high-end grades...
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